Whoever would have guessed that the term ‘COVID 19 UK’ would become one of the most searched for terms, with more than 135k searches on Google last month in the UK alone. It has changed so much of society over the past 3 months. How we work, our lifestyles, how we shop, how we play, so much has changed virtually overnight.

Getting from one place to another during COVID 19 has brought some unwanted challenges and risks that we never would have thought of a couple of months back. We are advised to stay at home to be safe but there are essential travel needs which we simply cannot avoid. In order to drive you or your loved ones safely for these trips, Jimac cars have covered all the essential services for you.

  1. School Runs

Many schools in London are opening up again from the 1st June and getting your child to school on time safely is vitally important. We are here to help you with this. Our cars are fully sanitised daily with drivers wearing mask and gloves at all times to ensure safety. Door handles and hard surfaces commonly touched by passengers are also sanitised in between trips.

2. Hospital transportation.

During this pandemic when the focus is entirely on COVID patients, we are here for all those who need to see doctors for other ailments. You can book with us well in advance as per your appointment schedule and a car will be at your doorstep promptly to take you to hospital. Wait and return trips can also be booked.

3. Medicines /Groceries and other deliveries.

Avoid the long lines at stores and keep yourself safe. You just need to share your medical/grocery requirements with us and our drivers will shop and collect your list and deliver it to you. The only additional charge other than the cost of the goods is a £5 fee for the shopping service.

4. Accessible needs

Fully accessible vehicles available at Jimac cars. You can book with us mentioning your custom requirements and we will ensure an appropriate vehicle with a helpful and friendly driver is assigned.

5. NHS staff

We respect the Heroes who are working day and night to keep all of us safe by providing treatment to COVID 19 patients. We are running cars 24×7 to provide NHS staff transportation facilities.

If you would like to book a taxi for any essential services or if you would simply like to find out more about our services, please contact us today by calling 020 8985 5151 or emailing bookings@jimaccars.com